Nuclear physics research, since the first discovery of the atomic nucleus in the early 20th century, has been intimately tied to the development of new detection techniques, accelerators and to theoretical and simulation frameworks. A large number of these have found, and will increasingly find, diverse applications in daily life, well outside the realm of nuclear physics, such as Energy, Nuclear Waste Processing and Transmutation, Climate Change Containment, Life Sciences and Cancer Therapy, Environment and Space, Security and Monitoring, Materials Science, Cultural Heritage, Arts and Archaeology.

 It is nowadays a fact that Nuclear Science contributes decisively to the solution of problems of our modern society and the nuclear physics community assumes its responsibility in the search for solutions. In this direction,  the objective of PANS is to co-ordinate and stimulate a European wide network for communicating easily accessible information on achievements, techniques and diverse applications of nuclear physics to the general public.
Nuclear science and technology in our everyday lives
Nupecc Long Range Plan Booklet
All too often nuclear technology is associated with atomic blasts, accidents and radioactive pollution. But at the heart of every atom in the universe there is a nucleus, and understanding the properties of nuclei unleashes enormous potential: it’s how we choose to harness this potential that can lead to controversy.
The network comprises a group of nuclear scientists from all over Europe. A number of specific activities were developed, aiming at:
  • Secondary school pupils and teachers
  • The general public
  • Opinion- and decision-makers, governments and administrations

On this website you can find information and learning materials that are provided by different organisations and collaborations e.g. NuPECC and EPS.

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