Current Initiatives

At the intersection of two infinities - Music and Science Spectacle (2019) - contact: Adam Maj (Poland)
Binding Blocks - contact: Christian Diget (United Kingdom)
Blog “Alfabeto das Radiações” - contact: Outreach Group of C2TN (Portugal)
Cartoons from THOR European COST Action - contact: Mariapaola Lombardo (Italy)
CERN Open Days - contact: Gerda Neyens (Switzerland)
Collaboration within Science and Technology - contact: Camilla Thulin (Sweden)
Culture Night - contact: Hanno Perrey (Sweden)
Discovering mysteries of DNA (Film) - contact: Jerzy Grebosz (Poland)
Energy and Sustainable Development - contact: Laszlo Csernai (Norway)
Enjoy Learning - contact: N. Miyauchi (Japan)
European Researchers' Night - contact: Janne Pakarinen (Finland)
Festival of Science - contact: Barbara Marczewska (Poland)
GSI Outreach - contact: Ingo Peter (Germany)
ISOLDE Visits - contact: Gerda Neyens (Switzerland)
Kiihdytin Hiukkasen - contact: Janne Pakarinen (Finland)
L'aventure particulaire - contact: Stéphane Grévy (France)
Lectures and Middle and High School Interaction - contact: Olga Radosteva (Russia)
Musee Sciences ACO - contact: Nicolas Delerue (France)
Mysterious World of Atomic Nuclei (Film) - contact: Jerzy Grebosz (Poland)
Nuclear Physics for you - contact: James Benstead (United Kingdom)
Online tours of JINR - contact: Eugenia Loboda (Russia)
Open Days - contact: Tadeusz Lesiak (Poland)
Physics Show Particle Physics - contact: Herbi Dreiner (Germany)
Proton Therapy of Eyeball Cancer (Film) - contact: Jerzy Grebosz (Poland)
Public Engagement/Third Mission - contact: Giorgio Chiarelli (Italy)
Quarks and nanoparticles for pupils/high-school students - contact: Reinhard Alkofer (Austria)
Researchers Night - contact: Anna Kaczmarska (Poland)
Schuelerakademie Particle Physics - contact: Christoph Hanhart (Germany)
Social Communications Group - contact: Anastasia Suschevich (Russia)
Spirit of Physics - a play about young Nicolaus Copernicus (2008) - contact: Jerzy Grebosz (Poland)
Stumbling into uNclear Physics - contact: Lucia Popescu (Belgium)
Swedish Academic Initiative for Nuclear Technology - contact: Lena Sundberg (Sweden)
Teacher Training Particle Physics - contact: Christoph Hanhart (Germany)
The Newton`s Course (2009) - contact: Jerzy Grebosz (Poland)
Thematic Network of Nuclear Physics - contact: Joaquin Gomez-Camacho (Spain)
Uppsala University Science Festival - contact: Camilla Thulin (Sweden)
We Are (made of) Stars - contact: Raphael Hirschi (United Kingdom)

Initiatives at Collaborating Institutes Overseas

3D Nuclide Chart - contact: Edward Simpson (Australia)
JINA-CEE Education Outreach - contact: Michael Kilburn (USA)
Online Tour of the Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility - contact: Edward Simpson (Australia)