Recognition Working Group

The aim of this APPEC-ECFA-NuPECC working group is to find ways to improve the recognition of individual achievements in large collaborations.

  • Key objectives of this working group:
    • create awareness,
    • initiate discussions inside collaborations,
    • exchange and discuss best practices among all three communities, and reflect on alternative or additional procedures,
    • potentially perform a second survey in 2020-2021 to monitor the progress on the topic,
    • however, the group will not be an ombuds-committee for individual problems.
  • Report back to ApPEC-ECFA-NuPECC
  • The collaborations remain themselves responsible for the actions of the working group and to implement (or not) recommendations

The working group was installed in July 2019 in Ghent. It continues previous work by ECFA, which among other activities performed a community-wide survey in 2018.

List of participating collaborations

The WG contacted large collaborations (> 40 authors) and received feedback from the following collaborations:

  • APPEC (34)

    AMS, Antares, Auger, Baikal GVD, Borexino, CALET, CTA, CUORE, DAMIC, DarkSide, Darwin, DEAP, Edelweiss, ET, EUCLID, Fermi-LAT, Gerda, IceCube, Juno, Katrin, Km3NeT, Legend, LIGO, LISA, LSST, MAGIC, Pamela, SNO+, Virgo, XENON, HESS, HAWC, JEM-EUSO, LHAASO
  • ECFA (14)

    Atlas, BelleII, Calice, Cast, Cloud, Dune, CMS, Compass, Dirac, LHCb, NA61/SHINE, NA62, Solid, T2K
  • NuPECC (21)

    ACTAR-TPC, AGATHA, ALICE, BM@N, CBM, CLAS, CRIS, Mass measurement program at GSI/FAIR, Galileo, HADES, HISPEC/DESPEC, IDS, Isolde, JEDI, LUMEN, MATS/Laspec, Miniball, MPD, nTOF, NUSTAR, PANDA, R3B


Initial meetings with the collaborations were held separately for the three communities on 8 Jul 2020 (NuPECC), 9 Jul 2020 (ECFA) and xx.xx.xx. (APPEC).
A next round of meetings to collect feedback from the collaborations is planned for Sep 2020.

Recognition WG coordinators


  • Karl-Heinz Kampert, co-chair
  • Emmanuel Gangler

From ECFA:

  • Bogna Kubik
  • Djamel Boumediene
  • Marcel Merk, co-chair

From NuPECC:

  • Eberhard Widmann, co-chair
  • Gerda Neyens
  • Nasser Kalantar


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