Conference Support

Support criteria

In order to be eligible, the conference should:

  • be a major nuclear physics conference with more than 100 participants covering a rather broad range of topics,
  • take place in Europe,
  • provide a public lecture or a poster prize or some other outreach activity for which the money should be used,
  • display the NuPECC logo on the conference poster, conference website and other conference materials and post the NuPECC roll-up at the conference.

The official NuPECC logo can be downloaded from here.


Call for Applications

Please download this PDF for full details.

Deadline: May 31, 2019


List of supported conferences (2019)

May 20-22 GSI Darmstadt, Germany
1st Meeting of the International Biophysics Collaboration
June 10-15 Bari, Italy
18th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter (SQM 2019)
July 28 - August 2 Glasgow, UK
INPC 2019
August 25-30 Wilhelmshaven, Germany
6th International Conference on the Chemistry and Physics of the Transactinide Elements (TAN 19)
September 1-7 Mazurian Lakes District, Poland
XXXVI Mazurian Lakes Conference on Physics
September 2-6 Guildford, Surrey, UK
24th European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics (EFB24)
September 15-20 Schloss Waldthausen, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics IX
October 21-25 PSI Villigen, Switzerland
Physics of Symmetries and Interactions PSI2019